Over the years, Coopservice has developed a ‘green’ approach for reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, by implementing European and international recommendations on environmental issues and by defining steps for supplying services that should be sustainable under all perspectives (economic, social and environmental). The main aim is the progressive reduction of wastage and the optimization of the resources used through an integrated management of all aspects of our service, aimed at reaching the following goals:

  • Improving efficiency and saving on resources, especially energy, and reducing CO2 emissions
  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances
  • Reducing waste quantities produced

EPD Certification

In July 2015, Coopservice, as one of the first 10 companies in Europe, obtained EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification in the category ‘Professional cleaning services of buildings’.

EPD is an innovative, ISO-standardized transparency tool promoted in the recent Green Book on Integrated Product Policy of the European Commission, aiming at informing and guaranteeing consumers about the environmental performance of products and services, for example the low raw-material use required by their production, the absence in them of hazardous or polluting substances and the energy or water savings involved in their use.

EPD certification uses the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method of analysis, as regulated by the ISO 14040 standards, to assess the environmental impacts associated with a product or process, by identifying and quantifying the consumption of raw materials and energy and the amount of emissions into the environment as well as by researching opportunities to reduce such impacts.

Therefore, the LCA serves as an information base that can be used to show consumers how their service interacts with the environment, stressing the main environmental aspects and the measures proposed to improve environmental performance.

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