Moving & handling

Coopservice provides residential, commercial and industrial moving services and is responsible for the other activities involved, such as furniture disassembly and reassembly, goods handling and warehousing, document archiving, design and management of healthcare logistics services. Within the healthcare sector, we want to be leaders in the management and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical devices and materials, medical and administrative documentation handling, archiving and management, hospital facility moving, logistics optimisation design and consulting. Capitalizing on the experience gained, Coopservice can rationalize, qualify and optimize the management of logistics processes by tapping into a wealth of competencies, human resources and technologies. Moreover, it offers dedicated transfer and relocation services for libraries and archives nationwide. Our highly qualified staff guarantee safe handling of library materials, even in critical conditions such as historic or highly valuable artistic collections.


Logistics & waste management
Residential & Commercial Moving, Furniture Assembly
Coopservice provides a variety of special logistics services, ranging from moves and relocations to furniture reassembly, fitting and set-up operations. All disassembly, reassembly, packaging, dispatching, delivery and rearrangement operations are carried out by teams of specialists.
Industrial Moving
To maintain safe workplace conditions and ensure full business operational capability during disassembly and moving operations, Coopservice can provide fully trained personnel to minimize customer downtime.
Library & Artwork Moving
Coopservice Library is a range of turnkey services, provided by a specialist team, used to carry out the critical operations involved in the pickup and relocation of books and archival materials, while optimising the time it takes to complete the process.
Healthcare Facility Moving
To ensure fast and safe relocation of hospital wards, Coopservice provides a range of proven services supplied by fully trained staff. Special attention is devoted to the packaging of sanitary machinery and equipment for transport and to medical document collection and transportation.
Pharmaceutical Logistics
Coopservice has strengthened its leadership in the national pharmaceutical logistics sector. We apply storing methods and procedures to ensure proper preservation and distribution of drugs and hospital products to wholesalers, chemists, parapharmacy shops and hospitals.
Hospital Logistics
Logistics management plays an increasingly important role for the efficiency of healthcare facilities. Besides reducing costs and improving flexibility, the outsourcing of logistics activities allows hospital authorities to focus on clinical activities by entrusting the entire supply chain management to professionals.
Biomaterial Logistics
Our fully trained, qualified staff ensure highly-specialized transport services for biomaterials such as blood components samples, plasma and test tubes.
Inpatient Transfers
The transfer of inpatients both within hospital facilities and outside is an important aspect of the healthcare process and requires complex management activities and specific expertise to be able to ensure consistent care standards.
Medical Documentation Management
Medical documentation is an incredibly valuable asset for both patients and healthcare professionals. That is why Coopservice provides centralized, computerized management of medical and administrative archives, clinical documents and radiographic images.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse management and goods reception and distribution are essential activities for any organization. Our experience in process logistics ensures the efficient management of the warehouses of de-centralized customers as well as the supply of services within our logistics platform.
Garment Processing
Coopservice provides its customers within the fashion industry with a targeted service, supplied at their warehouses and/or in its own facilities, for the handling of finished products, accessories and fabrics and the processing of garments (tailor's work, ironing).
Waste Sorting
As soon as they are produced, special waste items have to be safely managed until their disposal. Therefore, the waste sorting process has to be monitored by fully trained operators equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE).
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