Professional Cleaning

Coopservice is working every day to provide its customers with excellent cleaning and to develop tailor-made solutions that guarantee the quality level required.

It employs qualified personnel, proven procedures and technologies providing the kind of cleaning requested, while always acting in full respect of the environment.

Coopservice provides cleaning services for production facilities, including the food sector, where it monitors the residual bacterial load in manufacturing lines and the hygiene conditions of surfaces and equipment with the use of sophisticated detection systems.

As a provider of professional cleaning services, it can respond to the needs of businesses, offices and public facilities according to high sanitisation standards, also thanks to the control methods and recurring checks agreed with the customer.

Professional Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Our range of specialized services extends from ordinary to extraordinary cleaning. Ordinary cleaning includes outdoor and indoor cleaning activities, sanitisation and specific treatments. Extraordinary cleaning covers both massive and targeted interventions
Industrial Cleaning
Manufacturing facilities, factories, industrial buildings and warehouses need special cleaning treatments not only in rooms, but in processing equipment and machinery as well. For this reason, cleaning operations must be carried out by qualified, fully trained personnel with equipment designed for work on large surfaces or specific dirt deposits.
Food Industry Cleaning
From large to small restaurants and catering services to confectionery production, on to meat and fish processing and packaging, organic products, bakery products and deli foods, every segment of the food chain is subject to specialist cleaning treatments to achieve proper disinfection and bacterial load control.
Railway Cleaning
Today, our many years of experience in all the speciality areas of cleaning can be applied to equipment and rolling stock, manufacturing plants, rolling stock under maintenance as well as to external areas and railway station environments.
Airport Cleaning
Strict performance standards, as well as specific approvals and requirements, apply to both passenger terminal areas and outside parking lots. Coopservice’s organizational criteria and operational methods ensure these and other airport regulations are complied with.
Grounds Maintenance
We provide stewardship of external and internal green areas including ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work. Our aim is to guarantee adequate levels of cleanliness and maintenance of turfs, gardens, plants, lawns and all green areas.
Pest Control
With a view to reaching the best results without wastage or an excessive use of chemicals, Coopservice meticulously reviews environment conditions suggesting and implementing suitable methods to free them from infestation by noxious insects or animals, by applying measures that enhance their safety, non-toxicity and effectiveness.
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