Banks and insurance company

Considering the nature of their work, credit institutes, financial firms and insurance companies all need highly specialised services provided with strict monitoring and security procedures due to the presence of cash and valuables in their offices, as well as the delicate and private aspect of the information and documents they manage. These clients must rigorously assess the reliability of potential service providers based on their experience, skills and professionalism. We offer banks all the security services they need including staffed security stations, robbery prevention, transport of valuables, ATM management, and cash deposit and counting in our vaults.

Our expertise as a security institute is due to both our many years of experience and extensive presence throughout Italy; the latter is supported by over 21 area offices, 10 24-hour security operations centres and more than 2,000 trained and qualified security guards, as well as over 400 security vehicles and armoured trucks.

Banks and financial institutes are also representative offices that receive clients; therefore, they must be kept clean, tidy and comfortable. We take care of this requirement as well by providing integrated facility services, thus making us a secure, reliable single provider for all protection, management and reception needs.

Professional Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Our range of specialized services extends from ordinary to extraordinary cleaning. Ordinary cleaning includes outdoor and indoor cleaning activities, sanitisation and specific treatments. Extraordinary cleaning covers both massive and targeted interventions
Manned Security
Our manned security service is provided by security guards on a radio link with our operations centre, monitoring access routes from a fixed post. When needed, they inspect the facility outer limit or inside area for intrusion signs.
Robbery Prevention
Our robbery prevention service is targeted specifically to banks and post offices and is provided by security guards on a radio link with our operations centre. They monitor the outside of the building to prevent all possible risks and impede criminal attacks.
Vigilanza fissa mediante l’impiego di unità cinofile
Il servizio di vigilanza fissa con l’ausilio di unità cinofile viene svolto da una o più guardie particolari giurate che, in costante collegamento radio con la centrale operativa, controllano gli accessi di una struttura da una postazione fissa e ispezionano saltuariamente servendosi del cane (appositamente addestrato) il perimetro o l’interno della stessa per verificarne l'integrità. Le unità cinofile possono essere utilizzate anche in ambito aeroportuale, portuale e nell’ambito dei servizi resi presso le stazioni ferroviarie e metropolitane.
Security Patrols
Every day our security guards inspect customer premises for anomalies to avoid criminal acts or simply restore proper security conditions after a failure or omission.
Intrusion Response
Our intrusion response service is guaranteed every day of the year by mobile security guards on a radio link with our operations centre. They intervene when an alarm is received from a facility that has a security system installed.
Remote Surveillance
This service provides real-time remote control of all kinds of alarm systems. It is managed 24/7 by Coopservice’s operations centres in permanent interaction with fixed monitoring posts, mobile patrols and local fire-brigade and police forces.
CCTV Remote Surveillance
The sophisticated CCTV remote surveillance services managed by Coopservice’s operations centres are today at the top level allowed by remote monitoring technology. In emergency situations, they are designed to trigger prompt and targeted intervention procedures.
Telemonitoring Systems
Aimed at businesses, public bodies, shops and private individuals, this service, provided through Coopservice’s operations centre (among the most advanced ones in Italy), permanently monitors the optimal operating parameters of all kinds of installations.
Cash & Valuables Trasport and Escort
The transfer of valuables from one place to another is carried out by carefully recruited security guards using armoured vans protected by satellite radio location systems. Operations are ensured by a computerized system that can keep track of them all in real time.
Cash & Valuables Deposit
The reception, safekeeping and return of valuables entrusted to Coopservice for safe custody are carried out within secure premises protected by active and passive security systems. All management procedures are tracked and documented to allow the valuables held in custody to be identified and located at all times.
Cash Handling
This service is provided mainly to credit institutions and large supermarket chains. The counting and handling of money and processing of cheques are carried out under conditions of maximum safety by Coopservice personnel using state-of-the-art hardware systems and dedicated software tools.
ATM Management
Aimed at credit institutions, this service is supplied by Coopservice security guards in permanent interaction with our operations centre. Its purpose is to maintain the ATMs of credit institutions in good working order and replenish their cash supply.
Security Reception
Our security reception service is supplied by unarmed personnel. It chiefly consists in handling correspondence, controlling building access points, holding documents and keys in custody, carrying out system functionality inspections, welcoming customers and visitors and providing courtesy information.
Residential & Commercial Moving, Furniture Assembly
Coopservice provides a variety of special logistics services, ranging from moves and relocations to furniture reassembly, fitting and set-up operations. All disassembly, reassembly, packaging, dispatching, delivery and rearrangement operations are carried out by teams of specialists.
System Maintenance
Ordinary maintenance includes the activities and services necessary to keep the buildings and systems contracted in efficient condition. Extraordinary maintenance can be broken down into prevention, correction and improvement according to schedules agreed with the customer.
Energy Efficiency
The energy efficiency of existent buildings is achieved by designing measures aimed at improving their energy class. Three different types of measures can be planned: thermal insulation, alternative energy production methods, increasing the efficiency of the heating system.
Photovoltaic System Management
Photovoltaic installations are divided into two main types: grid-connected systems, which are connected to a third-party managed power distribution network, and stand-alone systems, which are suitable for using the power generated directly on site. Coopservice offers turnkey solutions configured to respond to a customer’s energy requirements and to the features of the environment and buildings.
Gestione antincendio

Coopservice propone un pacchetto di servizi a 360° nel settore dell’Antincendio, offrendo le migliori soluzioni individuate per le specifiche esigenze del Cliente.
Nello specifico Coopservice garantisce la progettazione di sistemi e impianti per la rilevazione (sensoristica), l'evacuazione, lo spegnimento, la compartimentazione, assicurando la totale copertura delle fasi di installazione e manutenzione, collaudo e assistenza.