The transport sector is characterised by a high flow of people, strict timetables to be respected, high expectations from users, and enormous vehicle and space requirements. Our integrated services are designed to maximise reliability and flexibility, while offering an effective balance between quality, efficiency and cost.

We care deeply about drivers and passengers and strive to offer them clean, comfortable vehicles. We work closely with infrastructure managers to ensure everyone has a safe and satisfying journey.

Our staff are highly trained to do their jobs with the utmost politeness, discretion and professionalism, as we know that good cleaning, handling and maintenance have an important effect on user satisfaction. Our security personnel are authorised in accordance with ministerial provisions to perform security services in airports, ports, train and underground stations. They monitor entrances and exits to ensure that correct procedures are taking place, nothing is being interfered with and nobody is at risk. Their presence, monitoring and patrolling, including the use of security dogs, is a fundamental and indispensable element of prevention against criminal activity and threats to sensitive targets.

Professional Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Our range of specialized services extends from ordinary to extraordinary cleaning. Ordinary cleaning includes outdoor and indoor cleaning activities, sanitisation and specific treatments. Extraordinary cleaning covers both massive and targeted interventions
Railway Cleaning
Today, our many years of experience in all the speciality areas of cleaning can be applied to equipment and rolling stock, manufacturing plants, rolling stock under maintenance as well as to external areas and railway station environments.
Airport Cleaning
Strict performance standards, as well as specific approvals and requirements, apply to both passenger terminal areas and outside parking lots. Coopservice’s organizational criteria and operational methods ensure these and other airport regulations are complied with.
Grounds Maintenance
We provide stewardship of external and internal green areas including ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work. Our aim is to guarantee adequate levels of cleanliness and maintenance of turfs, gardens, plants, lawns and all green areas.
Manned Security
Our manned security service is provided by security guards on a radio link with our operations centre, monitoring access routes from a fixed post. When needed, they inspect the facility outer limit or inside area for intrusion signs.
Vigilanza fissa mediante l’impiego di unità cinofile
Il servizio di vigilanza fissa con l’ausilio di unità cinofile viene svolto da una o più guardie particolari giurate che, in costante collegamento radio con la centrale operativa, controllano gli accessi di una struttura da una postazione fissa e ispezionano saltuariamente servendosi del cane (appositamente addestrato) il perimetro o l’interno della stessa per verificarne l'integrità. Le unità cinofile possono essere utilizzate anche in ambito aeroportuale, portuale e nell’ambito dei servizi resi presso le stazioni ferroviarie e metropolitane.
Security Patrols
Every day our security guards inspect customer premises for anomalies to avoid criminal acts or simply restore proper security conditions after a failure or omission.
Intrusion Response
Our intrusion response service is guaranteed every day of the year by mobile security guards on a radio link with our operations centre. They intervene when an alarm is received from a facility that has a security system installed.
Remote Surveillance
This service provides real-time remote control of all kinds of alarm systems. It is managed 24/7 by Coopservice’s operations centres in permanent interaction with fixed monitoring posts, mobile patrols and local fire-brigade and police forces.
CCTV Remote Surveillance
The sophisticated CCTV remote surveillance services managed by Coopservice’s operations centres are today at the top level allowed by remote monitoring technology. In emergency situations, they are designed to trigger prompt and targeted intervention procedures.
GPS Monitoring
Relying on the GPS satellite system, our operations centre tracks the geographical position of vehicles, motorcycles, boats and people. Customers, too, can locate their vehicles online so as to control and optimize the management of their fleets.
Airport Security
In compliance with Italian Ministerial Decree no. 85 of 29th January 1999, complementary security services in airports should be provided with security guards specifically trained and equipped for the following tasks: controlling incoming and in-transit passengers; performing radioscopic or other checks on hand and stowed baggage, goods and express-delivery parcels. All these services must be provided under direct supervision of Airport Police, who are responsible for overseeing the exercise of public authority.
Port Security
In compliance with Italian Ministerial Decree no. 154 of 15th September 2009, complementary security services at sea and inland ports should be provided with security guards specifically trained and equipped for the following tasks: surveillance of owned or licensed assets; protecting corporate assets and on-board personnel equipment; performing radioscopic or other checks on goods, hand baggage and delivery parcels.
Sicurezza ferroviaria
In ottemperanza a quanto previsto dal D.M. dell’Interno del 15.09.2009 n. 154, i servizi di sicurezza complementare nell’ambito delle stazioni ferroviarie e dei relativi mezzi di trasporto e depositi, delle stazioni delle ferrovie metropolitane e dei relativi mezzi di trasporto e depositi, nonché nell'ambito delle linee di trasporto urbano vengono svolti con l'impiego di guardie particolari giurate specificamente selezionate ed addestrate (ai sensi di quanto previsto dalla circolare del Capo della Polizia del 26.2.2015) e riguardano le attività di sicurezza tra le quali: vigilanza dei beni di proprietà o in concessione, di tutela del patrimonio aziendale e dei beni in dotazione al personale di bordo; controllo radioscopico, o con altri tipi di apparecchiature, di merci, bagaglio al seguito e plichi di corrieri.
Security Reception
Our security reception service is supplied by unarmed personnel. It chiefly consists in handling correspondence, controlling building access points, holding documents and keys in custody, carrying out system functionality inspections, welcoming customers and visitors and providing courtesy information.
Gestione antincendio

Coopservice propone un pacchetto di servizi a 360° nel settore dell’Antincendio, offrendo le migliori soluzioni individuate per le specifiche esigenze del Cliente.
Nello specifico Coopservice garantisce la progettazione di sistemi e impianti per la rilevazione (sensoristica), l'evacuazione, lo spegnimento, la compartimentazione, assicurando la totale copertura delle fasi di installazione e manutenzione, collaudo e assistenza.

Grounds Maintenance
Coopservice provides complete grounds maintenance services, with modular turnkey packages for the design, the realization as well as the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of green areas, including a wide range of specialized activities.