Our decades of experience in providing facility services to public and private companies has allowed us to develop a range of services especially for individuals, households and micro-businesses. For the security of homes and small businesses, we have designed solutions that blend the efficiency of latest-generation, anti-intrusion systems with the professionalism that only a security institute can guarantee. All home security systems are connected to our security operations centres, which operate 24 hours a day. When an alarm goes off, we immediately send out our highly trained armed security guards to deal with the situation.

Recent research has shown that Italians change home or office on an average of four times during their lifetime. This number is destined to increase due to social and demographic changes now taking place. Since moving is the third most stressful life event, we advise people to partially or entirely entrust this work to experts. Our solutions are completely customisable and adaptable to the specific needs of all clients. We offer three options: Light, for people who do not want to overwork or take risks but do want to save money; Pro, for clients who want a worry-free, complete service; and Deluxe, for those who want a turnkey service.

We design and implement requalification solutions for buildings, condominiums and private residences to improve and maintain energy systems, thus reducing consumption, limiting emissions and protecting property value over time.

Professional Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Our range of specialized services extends from ordinary to extraordinary cleaning. Ordinary cleaning includes outdoor and indoor cleaning activities, sanitisation and specific treatments. Extraordinary cleaning covers both massive and targeted interventions
Manned Security
Our manned security service is provided by security guards on a radio link with our operations centre, monitoring access routes from a fixed post. When needed, they inspect the facility outer limit or inside area for intrusion signs.
Security Patrols
Every day our security guards inspect customer premises for anomalies to avoid criminal acts or simply restore proper security conditions after a failure or omission.
Intrusion Response
Our intrusion response service is guaranteed every day of the year by mobile security guards on a radio link with our operations centre. They intervene when an alarm is received from a facility that has a security system installed.
Remote Surveillance
This service provides real-time remote control of all kinds of alarm systems. It is managed 24/7 by Coopservice’s operations centres in permanent interaction with fixed monitoring posts, mobile patrols and local fire-brigade and police forces.
Residential & Commercial Moving, Furniture Assembly
Coopservice provides a variety of special logistics services, ranging from moves and relocations to furniture reassembly, fitting and set-up operations. All disassembly, reassembly, packaging, dispatching, delivery and rearrangement operations are carried out by teams of specialists.
System Maintenance
Ordinary maintenance includes the activities and services necessary to keep the buildings and systems contracted in efficient condition. Extraordinary maintenance can be broken down into prevention, correction and improvement according to schedules agreed with the customer.
Energy Efficiency
The energy efficiency of existent buildings is achieved by designing measures aimed at improving their energy class. Three different types of measures can be planned: thermal insulation, alternative energy production methods, increasing the efficiency of the heating system.
Telegestione e Telecontrollo
Coopservice attua la telegestione e il telecontrollo degli impianti e degli edifici, monitorando in modo costante i parametri di comfort ambientale, adeguandoli continuamente alle condizioni climatiche esterne. In tal modo viene assicurato il perfetto comfort di spazi e ambienti, ottimizzando al tempo stesso i consumi dei vettori energetici.
Photovoltaic System Management
Photovoltaic installations are divided into two main types: grid-connected systems, which are connected to a third-party managed power distribution network, and stand-alone systems, which are suitable for using the power generated directly on site. Coopservice offers turnkey solutions configured to respond to a customer’s energy requirements and to the features of the environment and buildings.
Gestione antincendio

Coopservice propone un pacchetto di servizi a 360° nel settore dell’Antincendio, offrendo le migliori soluzioni individuate per le specifiche esigenze del Cliente.
Nello specifico Coopservice garantisce la progettazione di sistemi e impianti per la rilevazione (sensoristica), l'evacuazione, lo spegnimento, la compartimentazione, assicurando la totale copertura delle fasi di installazione e manutenzione, collaudo e assistenza.