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Coopservice is among the major national players in the design, provision and management of integrated services to businesses and communities. We want to be a one-stop shop for the management of all non-core activities that customers want to outsource, acting as a global service provider that takes responsibility for the final result. Thousands of customers all over the nation (e.g. hospitals, public bodies, industrial concerns, banks, airports and large shopping centres) use the wide range of services provided by Coopservice and rely on the Group’s flexible and efficient organization, with motivated, responsible personnel, to profit from their high quality and performance standards.
People employed
Number of Coopservice employees
Revenue performance in the last 3 years
Values in EUR millions

Revenues by service type

Revenues breakdown by sector

Hygiene and Sanitisation
Hygiene and Sanitisation
221.951.691 €
Security Services
Security Services
141.835.546 €
Logistics and Goods Handling
Logistics and Goods Handling
57.765.355 €
Energy and Facility Management
Energy and Facility Management
22.762.456 €
Balance Sheet Data 2016
Dealer Categories
5 Headquarters
36 Area Offices
10 Operations Centres
64 Operational Offices
122 Warehouses
Dealer Categories