Company Profile

Company profile of the Coopservice Group - Updated July 2020


The brochure presents the company's structure and data relating to the latest approved financial statements, the services offered and the elements of excellence of the Coopservice identity.

Integrated Report

The Integrated Report is a new approach to corporate reporting that integrates in a single document the economic and financial information of the financial statements, the strategic outlook and the social and environmental performance.


It is a clear, comprehensive, concise and comparable tool that addresses all stakeholders and provides a holistic view of the company's ability to create value in the short, medium and long term in a sustainable and responsible manner.


With the choice of the Integrated Report, Coopservice means:

  • to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, a key factor in its strategic vision;
  • demonstrate the value of corporate social responsibility;
  • improve communication and involvement of all stakeholders;
  • describe the deep relationship between financial and non-financial indicators and the ability to create value over time;
  • consolidate trust with the various stakeholders and position itself as a leading and innovative company in the field of integrated service provision.
Cleaning services
Coopservice works every day to provide its customers with an excellent and professional cleaning, hygiene and sanitation service in the industrial, civil and healthcare sectors.
Security and surveillance services
With over 40 years of experience in the security sector, Coopservice offers a complete range of private security services to protect the assets and activities of customers using more than 2,000 security guards and more than 400 operating vehicles.
Logistics services
Coopservice has developed a wide and integrated offer of specialized logistics services to meet the needs of companies wishing to outsource the activities of transport, management and handling of goods. We operate in the following sectors: industrial and textile, lavanol and hospital, removals and handling, health logistics, special waste transport, archives and works of art.