Management Systems

Integrated Management System

Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, Anti-Corruption and Bribery


Coopservice, which has always been committed to improving the quality of its services and meeting the expectations of its customers, in recent years has equipped itself with an integrated corporate management system for Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility and the Prevention of Bribery, with the aim of defining and implementing prevention and improvement policies in the field of:

  • quality of services and customer satisfaction;
  • containment of environmental impacts associated with operational processes;
  • fight against all forms of bribery and anti-competitive behaviour in the performance of its activities
  • respect for human rights and labour laws;
  • protection of people's health and safety.

Coopservice promotes cultural growth for the protection of the environment, for the protection of the health and safety of workers, and for a development that is sustainable for future generations in compliance with the principles of legality and the prevention of bribery in all its forms.
Coopservice expresses its commitment to improving its Policy and Charter of Values.


Coopservice also confirms the certification of its organisational model for safety in compliance with the provisions of Article 51, paragraph 3-bis (pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 supplemented by Legislative Decree 106/09 and smi). The positive verification, by the Joint Body, of the compliance of the Coopservice model attests that the model is adopted and effectively implemented. Obtaining the Asseveration means certifying that the model is suitable to have exemption from the administrative liability of legal persons (Legislative Decree no. 231/01) with reference, clearly, to offences in the field of health and safety at work, with all the advantages that this entails. The Asseveration is also included in the tender specifications, both public and private, allowing the acquisition of additional scores. The Asseveration is therefore above any other type of certification, allowing the company to obtain maximum reward from INAIL.

Our Charter of Values

Coopservice is a company made up of people working towards building a wealth of values, insights and resources that even future generation will be able to rely upon.

We want our business to grow while promoting socially responsible behaviour within and outside our Company, respecting all individuals and protecting the interests of the general public without distinctions of wealth, origin, gender and religion, protecting the environment and complying with applicable laws and regulations in general, as well as with workplace safety regulations in particular.

The tool that we have decided to use to stimulate our growth is extending our quality and environmental management system to our workplace health and safety and social responsibility systems in order to be able to continue our constant improvement journey.

With its Charter of Values, Coopservice declares its commitment to observing the requirements of the SA8000 international standard for social responsibility.

Policy for Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, Anti-Corruption and Bribery

Coopservice aims to be a leader in the field of integrated services.

Coopservice is a company made of people who believe in values such as Teamwork, Coherence, Transparency, Innovation and Legality.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve common and shared goals.

Coherence: We act in strict compliance with the values we believe in.

Transparency: We work with transparency and integrity.

Innovation: We are committed to continuously finding new solutions.

Legality: We defend and promote ethical behaviour.


Our Management is committed to:

  • complying with and enforcing the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in the areas of procurement, environment, energy, health and safety, the workplace, prevention of corruption and law enforcement, knowing that any non-compliance with mandatory requirements and this Policy can have serious and significant consequences for individuals and for society;
  • communicating the contents of our procedures, the Code of Ethics, the organisational, management and control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Guidelines;
  • combating all forms of anti-competitive practice in carrying out our activities, in the knowledge that the ability to carry out our business in compliance with the laws and regulations and the principles of free competition is one of the key contributors towards the reputation of Coopservice;
  • preventing accidents in the workplace, occupational diseases, environmental pollution, and wasting energy;
  • maintaining the authority and independence of the compliance department responsible for the prevention of bribery and corruption offences;
  • striving for continuous improvement in the management system and company performance with regard to the quality of the services we provide and customer satisfaction, environmental impact, energy efficiency, social responsibility, the prevention of corruption and in particular:
    • making the most of the values of the cooperative and strengthening our relationship with our members;
    • developing people's professional skills and promoting corporate welfare initiatives consistent with their needs;
    • consulting and engaging staff, including through their representatives, in the choices they make regarding health and safety;
    • establishing and allocating appropriate resources, reviewing and achieving our objectives in the areas of quality, the environment and energy, health and safety and preventing bribery;
    • encouraging staff to report any suspected bribery or any corrupt or anti-competitive practices without fear of retaliation;
    • seeking innovative service solutions that have a low environmental impact and consume less energy;
    • seeking to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of processes;
    • supporting a growth strategy to develop new services and new markets.