Management Systems

Integrated Management System

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility
(Italian Qualità, Ambiente, Salute e Sicurezza, Responsabilità Sociale, QASRS)


As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of its services and meeting customer expectations, Coopservice has recently adopted an integrated corporate management system covering Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility (QASRS), with the aim of defining and implementing prevention and improvement measures regarding:

  • services quality and customer satisfaction;
  • containment of environmental impacts related to operational processes;
  • observance of human rights and labour regulations;
  • protection of people’s health and safety.

Coopservice actively promotes a culture of environmental, health and safety protection and is committed to making development sustainable for future generations.

Coopservice clearly sets forth its commitment to improvement in its QASRS Policy and  Charter of Values.


Our Charter of Values

Coopservice is a company made up of people working towards building a wealth of values, insights and resources that even future generation will be able to rely upon.

We want our business to grow while promoting socially responsible behaviour within and outside our Company, respecting all individuals and protecting the interests of the general public without distinctions of wealth, origin, gender and religion, protecting the environment and complying with applicable laws and regulations in general, as well as with workplace safety regulations in particular.

The tool that we have decided to use to stimulate our growth is extending our quality and environmental management system to our workplace health and safety and social responsibility systems in order to be able to continue our constant improvement journey.

With its Charter of Values, Coopservice declares its commitment to observing the requirements of the SA8000 international standard for social responsibility.

Corporate Policy for Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility

Coopservice wants to be a leader in the field of integrated services.

Coopservice is a company made of people who believe in values such as Teamwork, Consistency, Transparency, Innovation and Compliance.

Teamwork: Coopservice promotes the respect for people, their professionalism and dignity, ensures that its employees receive fair compensation and recognizes their work by assessing performance in a transparent manner, rewarding those who achieve the best results.

Consistency: At Coopservice, we encourage behaviours that are consistent with its mission and in line with its Ethical Code.

Transparency: Coopservice maintains open communication channels with their employees, through periodical publications and regular meetings, to make them aware that they are actors of change and promote their involvement in the life of the Company.

Innovation: Coopservice continuously seeks innovative and distinctive solutions in its products and services, as well as in the use of technologies, to achieve full satisfaction of its customers and maximize the efficiency of business processes.

Compliance: Coopservice draws inspiration from the founding values of co-operation (mutualism in internal and external relationships, open-door policy, solidarity, democracy) and is committed to opposing the spurious use of the co-operative form, as well as to promoting a market based on compliance and transparency.

Our Management is committed to:

  • complying with and enforcing applicable labour regulations, with a special emphasis on protecting minors;
  • preventing accidents at work, occupational illnesses and the pollution of the environment;
  • seeking constant improvement and, more specifically:
  • capitalizing on people’s professional skills and competencies,
  • using equipment, technologies and products that are safe and have a low environmental impact,
  • seeking process effectiveness and performance, • ensuring people’s well-being and workplace comfort,
  • promoting the inclusion of people with different cultural backgrounds.