Health and Social Care Benefits

Coopservice provides its employees and worker members with supplementary plans of healthcare benefits. Moreover, all members enjoy further benefits such as the reimbursement of all the fees paid for medical visits and exams, with the option of including their family members.

Worker members and employees can join Cooperlavoro, the supplementary pension fund of Italian co-ops' associations (Agci, Confcooperative, Legacoop) and trade unions (Cgil, Cisl, Uil). Cooperlavoro is established in the form of a non-profit organization among workers of all trades and, like a co-operative, acts in the interests of its members with the aim of providing a complementary resource for them once they are retired.

For Families and Youths
To provide support to members' families with school-going children, every year Coopservice grants scholarships to outstanding secondary-school students and young graduates at bachelor’s and master’s level. During the summertime, families can enrol their children for summer camps held in association with major educational institutions.
Discount Programmes
Coopservice members buy more for less. 10, 20 or 30 percent off on purchases from affiliated shops. Fashion shops, gyms, bookshops, cinemas, mechanics, tyre dealers, herbalists, travel agents: with the Coopservice Opportunity Card, our members can save substantially on their shopping.
Leisure and Relaxation
Coopservice offers its members and employees, as well as their families, the opportunity to enjoy particularly favourable conditions for taking part in group tours and holiday stays in apartments and accommodation facilities. This is motivated not only by the will to benefit its members, but also by the desire to build ties and relationships among employees and enhance a sense of belonging and the pleasure of conviviality and experience sharing.
Promoting Talent

Every year, Coopservice holds a theme contest to recognize and reward the talents and skills of its worker members in the diverse fields of art, culture and sport. In the past years, our creative-writing, painting, photography and song-writing contests saw the participation of a great number of Company members.

This year's theme is the best cooking recipe from Italy's regional traditions and from the cuisines of our members' countries of origin.

Local Community Support

Charitable activities and support to social, cultural and sports organizations are distinguishing features of our corporate social policy, as we believe we should give back to the communities where we operate.

Through sponsorships, donations and voluntary contributions, every year Coopservice supports many initiatives in the territories where it is present, providing help especially to socially disadvantaged groups.