Health and Social Care Benefits

Coopservice envisages for its employees and working members the enrolment in category health care funds to take advantage of supplementary health care services.

All members will also maintain active membership of Mutua Nuova Sanità to enjoy additional services compared to the category funds, such as total reimbursement of co-payments, including laboratory tests, with the possibility of enrolling family members.

Working members and employees can join Previdenza Cooperativa, the negotiated pension fund for workers, members and employees of cooperative enterprises and employees working in hydraulic-forestry and hydraulic-agricultural works. The purpose of Previdenza Cooperativa is to enable members to build up a supplementary pension.

In January 2018, the "Coopservice Mutua Nuova Sanità Members" section launched the Solidarity Fund reserved for Coopservice Mutua Nuova Sanità Members and their families. Coopservice has reached an agreement for the management of the fund, within Mutua Nuova Sanità of which Coopservice members constitute a "Members Section". Complete regulations and application form are available in the Coopservice Community reserved area or directly on the Mutua Nuova Sanità website (

The fund is operational to respond to extraordinary needs, such as: serious illness of the Member or a family member present in the family status; expenses for family bereavement; medical expenses of the Member or one of the family members not covered by the health funds; accommodation expenses for assistance to a family member who is hospitalised at a distance; contribution to the purchase of medical aids.

For Families and Youths
To provide support to members' families with school-going children, every year Coopservice grants scholarships to outstanding secondary-school students and young graduates at bachelor’s and master’s level. During the summertime, families can enrol their children for summer camps held in association with major educational institutions.
Welfare Services

The Welfare Portal dedicated to the members and employees of Coopservice has been developed in partnership with "Jointly - shared welfare", a company specialising in the sector with partnerships with the largest Italian companies.



The portal is reserved for Coopservice workers who can access it, using a personal user and password, after completing the registration process.



The welfare portal allows access to goods and services made available to employees to support income and increase spending power, health and well-being of the entire household.

The services are organised in 3 main areas:

  • For the member/employee: beauty and relaxation - travel and tourist, cultural and sports experiences - cinema, theatres and museums - courses for leisure and better working - time-saving services - legal and fiscal assistance - vouchers
  • For the children: school books - study camps and holidays - leisure activities - crèches and toy libraries - parenting support - baby sitting - study support and guidance - language courses - support for dyslexia, DSA and BES.
  • For the family: carer search and selection - home care and social assistance - professionals at home - transport and aids for non-self-sufficient people - respite services - residential healthcare facilities - day centres - climatic stays - legal support and support administration - psychological support - administrative assistance.


It is possible to access from any device, explore all the services available, read the information in the detail sheets and purchase them with one click at a special price reserved for Coopservice members and employees. All the services on the portal are provided by facilities that have been scrupulously selected by Jointly using strict procedures to ensure maximum security and transparency.

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Leisure and Relaxation

Coopservice, in compliance with the approved budgets, offers its members/employees and their families the possibility of enjoying particularly favourable conditions (with a more advantageous discount for members) for participation in organised trips and holiday stays in flats and accommodation facilities.

This choice is motivated not only by the intention of offering its members advantageous opportunities to travel, but above all by the desire to strengthen the ties and relationships between people, increasing the sense of belonging and the pleasure of sharing experiences in a convivial and positive atmosphere.

Promoting Talent

Coopservice organises themed competitions to reward the gifts, talents and qualities of members and their children in various artistic and cultural fields.

Over the years, many members have participated with their works and creations in writing, painting, photography, musical composition and cooking competitions.

The works produced in this context have led to the publication of books, the staging of exhibitions and the staging of theatrical performances.

Local Community Support

Charitable activities and support to social, cultural and sports organizations are distinguishing features of our corporate social policy, as we believe we should give back to the communities where we operate.

Through sponsorships, donations and voluntary contributions, every year Coopservice supports many initiatives in the territories where it is present, providing help especially to socially disadvantaged groups.